Dual Agent Relationships - Residential Sales

Even though California law permits it, the management of Pacific-Realtors. net does not believe dual agency relationships (where one agent represents both a buyer and seller, in the same transaction), are in the best interest of both buyers and sellers of residential properties. It is clear that every seller of a home wants to get the highest price possible, while every buyer of a home wants to get the lowest price possible. We believe one agent cannot, represent both of them, giving each neutral advice they can rely upon. At best, the agent must remain silent and let the buyer and, seller make certain decisions on their own without their advice.

Given that the advice of an experienced, knowledgeful real estate agent is what most buyers and sellers expect, the dual agency arrangement is not the best alternative.

Whenever an agent with Pacific-Realtors.net lists a house for sale, we strongly recommend that any prospective buyer, who is not already represented by another agent, be introduced to another agent of our firm in order to assure that both the buyer and seller have competent, neutral representation.

Dual agency relationships are more appropriate for sophisticated buyers and sellers of investment properties and/or businesses, but the choice to accept a dual agency is always the right of the client to make.

Agency Relationship Disclosures